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The chapest places for the audience in the public playhouse, costing one penny, were in the yard directly in front of end to the sides of the apron age.
These were standing spaces only and were called groundlings.
The best and most expensive places were in that galleries or actually on the stage itself.
These tickets cost sixpence and included a seen, while older nobles or women chose seats in the lords rooms or the galleries boxes nots, and there was a noticeable presence of pick pockets.

Today we are used to silence in the theatre, but in the age of Shakespeare, the audience would actively participate in the drama, calling out to the actors, shouting, crying during sad moments, joining in with the songs and insisting on listening to their favourite parts a second or a third time.
As the physical structure of the theatre evolved, the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods witnessed and evolution in drama.
The two most important foreign influences on English Renaissance drama were Seneca and Aristotle, but the whole weight and meaning of Italian Renaissance and Cristian Humanism can be recognized in the nature of the changes and developments in style and subject.
Traditional English dramas, morality plays, interludes, fabliaux and farce, were trasformed rather than abandoned under the influence of Senecan drama and Classical rules.
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