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In England, from the Renaissance to the reign of Anne we have a big production of literature. We have the Metaphisical poetry in the reign of James I, the Poem in the Puritan Age and the theatre in the period of Charles II. The Metaphisical poetry was discovered by J. Dryden who said that this type of literature was strange, infact it is not easy to understand. This is centred in the condition of man in the Universe. The themes are death, love, God and we have images from new science discoveries: medicin, phylosophy, astronomy, geography, infact we haven't the traditional elements which came from the nature. In this poetry there is the combination of the emotions with the rational aspect to express feelings and passions, infact REASON and FEELING walk together. The man of wit is described with paradoxes, puns (ambiguous plays of words) and concepts (inusuals mathapors). The man of wit is a man blessed of an intuitive intelligence and expressed his knowledge and cleverness.

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