Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is the natural way to feed a baby. Many mothers underestimate The results of breast feeding their babies: it improves the child's awareness of the mother and it creates a bund between both.

Advantages of breast feeding:
1. Breast milk contains all the nutrients needed by a baby more than any other food.
2. It contains antibodies which protect the child against disease infection.
3. It is sterile and free from disease germs.
4. It is produced in the right temperature.
5. It does not require any elaborate preparation.
6. It is easily digested and absorbed by the baby.
7. Breast-fed babies are not easily constipated.
8. Breast feeding brings mother and child very close. It makes the baby happy.
9. It is cheaper than artificial feeding.

Colostrum is the first milk produced in the first few days by a nursing mother. It is yellowish in colour. It helps to clear the baby's first sticky stool called meconium.

Guidelines for breast feeding:
The mother has to:
- wash her hands and clean her breast before feeding the baby.
- sit comfortably and carry the baby close to herself.
- hold the breast properly and away from the baby's nose.
- let the baby feed at both breasts, one at a time.
- wind the baby at the end of the feeding and clean nipples after feeding.
- wear clean nursing brassiere always.

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