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Before the travel
You must have a valid passport before you travel. Pack your things in a large rucksack and remember it mustn’t weigh more than 20 kg. Put any books or games you want for the flight into one piece of hand baggage.

You check in when you arrive at the airport. Look at the monitors to find the check-in desk for your flight.
You show your passport and your ticket. You must answer a few questions about your baggage. The ground staff weigh your bag, put a baggage tag on your suitcase and give you a boarding card.

Security and passport control
You can go through security and passport control when you have a boarding card. You must put your hand baggage through an x-ray machine and show your passport to the customs officer.

Waiting in the lounge
You wait in the departure lounge until they call your flight. Look at the monitors and check the gate number for your flight.

The depature gate
When they call your flight, you must go straight to the departure gate. Show your boarding card at the departure gate and get for your flight.

Go to your seat and fasten your seatbelt for take-off. You must listen to the safety announcement and look at the safety instructions. You mustn’t use mobile phone, computers or computer games during take-off or landing.
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