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September 11th, 2001: the day that changed the world

One of the most brutal and sad pages in world history was tragically written on Sept. 11th, 2001, and it took place in New York. A group of terrorist crashed two American airplanes against the Twin Towers at 9a.m., while people were at work, causing their total destruction and the death of 5000 people.
The world was shaken by the violence and the terror spread by this brutal attack led by the terrorist Osama Bin Laden against the United States, as a symbol of the western world. The twin towers collapsed in less than 24 hours, while two more attacks were being led against the Pentagon and White House, home of the President. President George Bush declared soon after: "We shall never forget those who lost their lives on this terrible day. We shall never forget the atrociousness of the terrorists attack against our citizens and values that we shall respond with confidence and firmness. We shall fight our battle against terrorism without pauses: we can allow ourselves to be exhausted, not to be defeated".
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