I am afraid

Psychologists state that adolescents are unreliable and irresponsible because they are not afraid of dangerous situations. On the contrary, they often seem to be very curious to experience new emotions. That's the reason why they don't consider the consequences of their actions and sometimes they get involved in risky situation without showing any selfawareness.
At the same time, if you ask young people to think about what they are afraid of, their answers are quite clear and concrete. One of the most recurrent fears they have is about the future: what frightens teenagers is the fact that they don't know what will happen in their lives after school.
Another aspect that worries teenagers involves relationships: they are afraid of losing their friends and as a consequence the trust that others have in them. What people think about them is very important and so the image they show is all based on the idea of their own personally. The can't risk losing the confidence of their friends.

So the main fear a teenager has is to become an adult, since age represents a new kind of life where young people will have to face totally different problems, probably less "dangerous" but more demanding from a social point of view.
It seems to be really hard to find a good job that satisfies their expectations and this makes them feel anxious.

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