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The Labour Party

Labour has only been in government for four short periods of the 20s century. However the result obtained have revolutionised the lives of the British people. The values of the Labour Party today are the original ones:
social justice
strong community and strong values
reward for hard work
right together with responsibilities

Today the Labour is one of the most important centre-left political parties in the United Kingdom. The party remains open and democratic to help the contact between people, party and government.

The modern Labour party, also known as “The new Labour”, started in 1994 with an important man for the party but also for the country: Tony Blair.
The party won the 1997 general election with the largest Labour majority ever, and the largest swing to a political party achieved since 1945.

“New Labour is a party of ideas and ideals but not of outdated ideology. What counts is what works. The objectives are radical. The means will be modern.”

An important turning point was when Tony Blair decided to allied himself with the USA President George Bush during the Iraq War. This was an unpopular decision and Tony Blair must leave his power as Prime Minister in May 2007. The new Prime Minister of the Labour was Gordon Brown until 2010.

Today the symbol of the party is a rose and the colour of the Labour is red.

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