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For and against tourism

In the tourism industry there are more benefits than drawbacks, so the negative features must be brought under strict control.
If tourism is to bring advantages both to tourists and local communities, it must be based on a policy of sustainability which ensures that benefits don’t damage the environment and the local culture and that is renewable for generations of the future.
Tourism can also play an important part in the development of the economy of local communities.

Positive aspects of tourism

• Tourists who visit a foreign country improve the economic situation of the host nation and provide work and profit to people involved in the tourism industry.
• Jobs related to tourism are more frequently created in underdeveloped countries; so, providing work for the inhabitants of such areas can be an incentive for them to remain there.
• Tourism can accelerate infrastructure investment: governments and companies are prepared to invest in development projects about roads, sewage systems, railways, airports and restoration of monuments and works of art.

Negative aspects of tourism

• Inhabitants don’t always benefit from tourism: in all inclusive packages, tourists pay for everything before leaving for their destination; international tour operators often employ staff from their own country; instead of using local produce, large hotel chain restaurants often import food to satisfy foreign visitors.
• A serious problem is connected with sex tourism: prostitution is unfortunately very common in the underdeveloped areas of the world.
• Infrastructures near tourists areas aren’t normally used by native inhabitants.
• Mass tourism can have destructive effects on biodiversity and original environments

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