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U.S.A. Media
Because of the size and density of population, in the U.S.A there are thousands of different daily newspapers and magazines. For the same reason, there is no national, even though there are some of them that enjoy a higher circulation,such as the New York Times or The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune and USA Today.USA Today appeared in 1985 and has a large circulation partly because in the inside pages of the paper there are two pages of regional news with articles about each of the 50 States in America.
However, American people like reading weekly or monthy magazines too, in particular the weekly magazines that report on both national and international news. The two national American magazines that are distribuited not only in the USA,but all over the world are Newsweek and Time. Most people are familiar with them,especially with Time because it discusses all the major world events during the week in a concise and straighforward form.Time is an American institution. In fact, it sells more than seven million copies every week around the world. A famous American monthly, published in 17 languages all over the world is Reader`s Digest.
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