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Esempi di lettera ad un amico in lingua inglese

Dear Laura,
Hi,How are things? It's Saturday afternoon and I'm very bored. Saturday is my favourite day, but today I'm in my bedroom because I'm ill. I never stay in my room on Saturdays. I usually get up at 8.15 and my dad always cooks breakfast,.
for the family. At 10.30 I always play basketball with my friends and Chloe goes to her tennis lesson. At one o'clock mum and dad collect us and we usually go to our favourite pizza restaurant for lunch. I'm always very hungry after basketball. In the afternoon mum sometimes takes Chloe to the shops, and then they go to the café. Dad and I usually go to watch our favourite football team. Mum and dad often go out on Saturday evenings, so Jane, our babysitter, comes. She's 18 and a student. She plays games with us. She's lots of fun and we usually go to bed very late. Today is different. I'm very bored and I'm very fed up. Please write and tell me about your Saturday.
Love, ( il tuo nome)

Dear John ,
Thanks for your e-mail. It's school holidays this week. My family usually goes on holiday to my uncle's house in France when we've got a holiday. It's cool. When we go to France Chloe and I and our cousin, Ben, go swimming every day, and we ride our bikes. Mum and dad sometimes go for long walks and in the evenings we always cook in the garden and play family games. But it isn't possible this year. I play the saxophone in an orchestra and we've got a big concert on Wednesday. Mum and dad and Chloe always come to watch me. Chloe does gymnastics. She's very good and her team is in a competition on Friday. What do you do when you are on holiday? Please write soon. Love, (il tuo nome)