Video appunto: Wordsworth and Coleridge
Wordsworth and Coleridge

Similarities between Coleridge and Wordsworth: return to the past, the poetical form of the ballad, nature, uses of immagination to trasform reality and supernatural elements. Both of them recollect the emotion in tranquillity, to think about the emotion and to start writing "a poem": the aim is to recreate an emotion similar to the one you have had, so that people who will read will experience a similar emotion.

Differences between Wordsworth and Coleridge: Wordsworth made ordinary things extraordinary; Coleridge made extrardinary things real.
- Wordsworth concentrated on simple things as ordinary language and situations;
- Coleridge concentrated on supernatural events, exotic places and ancient harmony and old forms of poetry as alliterations, assonances, repetitions, simile and typical rhyme schemes.