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My best friend is Alexander he is 17 years old. I have known him since we were little. Now we attend the same class in high school. He plays soccer and he is very good at it. He is very tall and skinny. We go on very well together.We usually play soccer at his home, but he always wins, or we do our homework and in our free time we also like listening to music, watching tv and on Saturday evening we go out with other friends for a pizza.We went to the “San Siro” stadium in Milan to see the match “Inter-Fiorentina”. This experience was beautiful because we sang a lot of songs to support our Inter and we had lots of fun, but unfortunately Inter lost the match 1-0 ( one – nil ) . We were very sad for the match, so we will go to another match soon hoping that Inter will win.

In Summer we went on holiday together in Liguria for two weeks in a village called “The beautiful Place”. It was big and beautiful and very well organized , there was: a swimming pool, a soccer field and a tennis field and the sea was right next to the resort. We met a lot of boys and girls and played games on the beach like: beach volley, soccer, tennis and pin pong. We also visited many museums and we ate traditional local foods.There are some differences between me and him for example, he supports Milan while I support Inter, he likes listening to American rap while I prefer Italian rap (2) because it talks about the problems of the place we live in
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