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I‘ve always liked to “have a finger in the pie” since I was young. When there was a party in my family, like a birthday, or at Christmas for example, my mother always used to cook cakes for the occasion and I was very happy!I preferred cooking rather than playing with my toys, so I put all my dolls away to help my mother to bake cakes. Obviously I loved eating them! Cooking is my passion, and when I cook I feel relaxed . I prefer cooking cakes to pies because I have a sweet tooth. I like especially making chocolate cakes because there is also an artistic side involved I have made lots of chocolate cakes especially for my family, my boyfriend and my friends who often ask me to make them one . When I see that they all finish the cake, I feel very proud. Cake designing is becoming very popular . This new trend consists in composing master pieces of art, by decorating cakes. We need a lot of creativity to make nice cakes and also beautiful cakes with flowers, decorations, royal icing and colorants. When I made my first cake I was very excited because I had never made one with royal icing and flowers. Fortunately it was delicious and beautiful.
I really hope to become a good cake designer one day .For lots of people making cakes in not only a hobby, they think that it is also a way to communicate, another way to express their artistic talent and cooking ability too, and it is also considered a challenge. In fact today there are many TV programs on this theme, also realities like “Bake off”, or “Cake boss”. On these TV programs the challengers compete in making the best cake; or there is a “boss” that on a precise request bakes personalized and very beautiful cakes. I often follow these programs because I like them and also because I take inspiration from them for my future cakes.
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