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I have played football since I was 6 and my first football club was called “ F.c. Torinoteam”. It was very exciting training together with other boys because I was the youngest of the team. I remember that the coach told me that I was a good player and my mother was happy about it too. At the moment I am training with a new football club in Avezzano , a small town near my house. I train twice a week, on Tuesdays and on Thursdays. We play the championship matches every Sunday morning with many football teams in our area, and sometimes we go to play in other towns so I get up earlier because we go by train.My uncle influenced me about football because when I was a child I didn’t know much about it, but he knew all the names of the teams and of the players. Now I’m better than him, in fact when his girlfriend comes to my house, she doesn’t know anything about football, and I’m ready to answer all her questions. My favorite football team is Juventus, and my father takes me to once a year to Juventus to see a match.

For me it’s one of the best days of the year because I love seeing my heroes playing live. I must say that I prefer going to the stadium than watching the match on TV. This year Juventus won a very important National tournament called Campionato italiano which means the Italian League, so I think that for the next championship we will probably go more often, as my father said that our team needs lots of support.Last Easter I played a tournament in LAzio a region in central Italy on the Tirrenic coast . We left Torino very early on Friday, and in the afternoon we reached the stadium to see the opening of the tournament. When the inauguration finished we went to the hotel to train for the first match that we played in the evening. On Saturday morning we played our second match and we won. It was very exciting because I played on the RomeCalcio‘s football ground, which is a very important football team in the South of Italy. This experience was also exciting because it was the first time that I slept out on my own without my parents.
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