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I love singing and my passion started when I was eleven years old. My mum was a good singer and she won a lot of prizes. Her voice was fantastic, so I can say that it is a family thing. I Remember that when I was 4/5 years old I used to sing with her lots of songs and that’s how I started to learn how to sing. I can say that my mum has been my first teacher. I really like singing English songs because in my opinion they are more emotional than Italian song I go to a Singing School in Rome and the lessons last one hour. I go there once a week and sometimes on Saturdays too , but next year I’m going to study three times a week, because I want to improve my skills. My lesson starts with breathing exercises then I have to vocalize, and lastly I sing lots of songs. When I sing I feel. At the end of the academic year we organize a party. My teacher’s name is Alessandra; She has a beautiful voice, and she has a nice dad. His name’s Romolo but I like calling him “Director” because when I’m at the studio he helps me to record the songs. This is another thing that I love doing because I take the tapes home to my parents so that they can follow my dream. Sometimes when I really like them I also organize an evening home with my friends so that we can listen to my favorite recordings together.

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