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Wing Chun is an old martial art and it came from Kung Fu in China. The legend wants that Wing Chun was created by a woman as a defensive art, but because of its power it was practised also by men. Wing Chun is different from Kung Fu , because it uses the power of the enemy to defend and attack. After I saw a Chinese film called Yip Man, I fell in love with wing chun and all the culture which surrounds Kung Fu because it is a culture of peace, serenity and equilibrium. Yip Man is the principal exponent of Wing Chun, he was born in Foshan , a small town in China and during the second world war he became famous for challenging some Japanese soldiers who were Karate fighters, and he succeeded very well as he was a very strong and fast talented fighter. But unfortunately due to the fact that he became a hero, his life became seriously in danger , so he had to escaped to Hong Kong where he met and taught Wing Chun to Bruce Lee : one of the most famous Chinese martial arts actor of all times . Wing Chun exercises help to balance the vital functions and they strengthen the immune system. Also, Wing Chun imposes a big discipline and respect towards the other pupils and the Sifu (Master). For these reasons I prefer Wing Chun to Karate and other more popular martial arts. Another feature about Wing Chun is that It hasn't got grades like in Karate, but it has a path with different techniques and in particular it is more an interior path. But it takes a lot of hard work, discipline and so many years to reach this interior equilibrium

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