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I have always had the passion for fashion since I was child. In fact I preferred receiving new clothes to receiving toys. I remember that I often argued with my mother because I loved matching my clothes to my shoes so I always left a mess in my room and of course she didn’t like it and she was always tiding up In Italy there are many TV fashion programs but the one I really love is “ But how do you dress?”. This programme teaches how to dress more appropriately in some particular situations ( Weddings, parties, job interviews .. ) and it shows how simple it is to wear clothes even without going to expensive stores. Thanks to these Tv Fashion programmes lots of people ( especially women) have discovered the best way to approach the world of fashion.Fashion for me is also a form of art.There are lots of girls who have made fashion their own work, as fashion Addicted who are experts in fashion and often become personal shoppers o designers.There are also the so called “It” girls, who we could even call “socialite” or “members of the jet-set”. They are beautiful girls, rich and refined, usually heiresses, actresses or aristocratic. There is also the category of fashion Victims, women who compulsively follow any dictates of fashion. According to Gianni Versace: a woman becomes a fashion Victim, when they alter excessively their look at each change of season.
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