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In our society, fitness is very important. The movement and right nutrition are the first medicine to keep healthy. Mediterranean diet is among the best ones because it reduces fat and cardiovascular diseases. Doing exercises help to live better and not only for health, but it also helps to be more self-confident. For example, going to a gym gives you the opportunity to socialize and to meet a lot of people and share considerations. I have been a sportsperson since I was younger. I started playing football when I was six years old.
I preferred playing outside to playing video games . Thanks to my passion for sport I have met many people who have become important for me. I usually go to the gym, and I have been practicing mountain biking for two years. I started this sport thanks to my cousin, and my first mountain bike was a present for me in 2012. I practice this sport two or three times a week early in the morning, and on Sundays too with my friends. We usually go for long rides for at least four or five hours . I have realized that is my best hobby at the moment. The mountain bike is a bicycle suitable, for its shape, to follow various types of terrain. It is perfect for going in the mountain. If you decide to ride a mountain bike you must be athletically trained. This is an endurance sport because it trains your legs and heart. You must wear a helmet ,gloves, synthetic clothing and glasses that protect the eyes from wind, dust, and insects. It's also a good idea not to venture into unknown paths but to plan always the path to follow based on your knowledge and ability.
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