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I’ve collected Vogue for many years and despite I had a room full I never got tired of reading them, not only the latest issues but also those of the past years.Vogue is the number one magazine in the fashion industry, some addicted define it the fashion Bible, for me it is the source from which I draw inspiration. I like learning what will be the must-have, trends and colours of the season.

Particularly, I love Vogue because I deeply respect and admire its director, Anna Wintour. I’m passionate about her work and often I look up to her as a Style Icon because I think that she has very good taste and I believe that all women who work in the fashion industry should be inspired by her. In my life fashion has always been important, with time I’ve learned to create my personal style. My favorite designer is Coco Chanel because I love her style unique and refined. I prefer her to other stylists because I think that her brand is synonymous of class and elegance. I agree with her theory of simplicity in fact, I don’t like spike heels very much and I really hate wearing animal prints and bright colors. If I look at my future I believe that fashion will always be my biggest passion, I can’t stand people who despise fashion and define it superficial, because for me a beautiful outfit can be as exciting and interesting as a poem, or a good book
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