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A few months ago, during a mountain bike outing, I went into debt of sugar and I had to stop in a small square. where there was a man selling fruit. He understood my physical condition and gave me a banana that is rich of potassium. I thanked him and I took my bike and restarted the trip. Since that time I have never forgotten to bring with me something to eat during the rides. It’s important to eat sugar especially in the long distances. I have realized that is my best hobby at the moment. The mountain bike is a bicycle suitable, for its shape, to follow various types of terrain. It is perfect for going in the mountain. If you decide to ride a mountain bike you must be athletically trained. This is an endurance sport because it trains your legs and heart. You must wear a helmet ,gloves, synthetic clothing and glasses that protect the eyes from wind, dust, and insects. I usually go out at the weekend, on Saturdays or Sundays, always with other friends because the forest trails are dangerous both for the land and for the probability to meet unexpected animals like wild boars. Riding the bike gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature, and you can see many things that you usually don’t notice, and it can also be seen as a metaphor for life: “climbing is difficult but when you get to the top the view is fantastic”, that’s why I think that that one day I will climb the Etna with my bike to admire the wonderful scenario that it offers.

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