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La mia gita scolastica

On my school trip I went to Tuscany for four days, we went to Florence, Pisa, Montecatini Terme where we visited some museums and a Luna Park, its name is Mad Pony. After the trip we come back to Rome in the evening at 9:00 pm.
I stayed in a hotel in Montecatini Terme, its name was Touring & Internationale, it was very beautiful and very big. I stayed in a room with three places with two of my friends. We liked the place very much. We got up at 8:00 o’ clock to have breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant and after that we left the place and we returned in the evening to go to sleep. We got up in the morning at 8:00 0’clock to have breakfast and after that we took the bus from the hotel. It took us to various places that had been decided for the trip. In Tuscany we visited some museums, and some places. The places which I liked more were the Luna Park where we enjoyed a lot.
I liked this places because Tuscany is a beautiful region of Italy with some monuments, squares, museums to visit and above all because I went there with my class and I really enjoyed it. This was a beautiful trip, I will never forget.
One of the thing which I liked most was the food. I liked the Tuscan food because it was different than our food and very tasty. The dish that most impressed me is the Florentine steak, it was very big and high almost 3 centimeters. It was delicious but too big in fact I've eaten it in an hour and a half!
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