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We have been in many cities together. In December 2013 we went on a school trip to Florence to attend a Holy Mass held by Pope Francesco Ist . We were twenty-five children of our class and we went by coach . We woke up at 2 A.M. because the coach left at three, and we arrived at the Vatican at 6 A.M. We had a fantastic day and at 8 o’clock P.M. we were back home (we were very tired, but happy for the day we spent ). Last May we went on a school trip to the Castelcivita Caves near Salerno by coach, too, and this time we were 20 pupils. Our parents gave us 10 euros so we bought: -some Cave stones for our dads; -some pens for our mums; -some chewing gums for our sisters. We arrived home at seven o’ clock. These are two of my favorite trips with my friend Luigi. On August we will go to another trip, this time with our families: we’ll probably go to France. We became friends because we met in the park , where I used to go every Sunday morning with my uncle, so we started playing together . We took our bikes in the park and sometimes we played football (his favorite sport). If I didn’t want to play football, we played volleyball with his sister. Sometimes we also played basketball , but now we don’t play this sport anymore.About food, Alexander likes all kinds of foods, but there is one thing that he hates: fish. About sports he prefers football to all other sports . He often goes to play a match with other friends (because I don’t like that sport). Even if we love different things, we’ll be best friends forever. Not even the end of the world can break our big friendship!!!

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