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I am an electronic engineer and I work for an German electronics multinational company . Every day I work with international people like Americans, Chinese and people from lots of other countries. Last year I went to Taiwan to support our providers in an activity of software debugging . My presence wasn’t really necessary because I had less work experience than my colleagues but my desire for a new adventure was very strong so I persuaded my boss to approve my business trip . When I arrived at the Airport the first thing that I saw was a woman that was wearing an anti-smog mask. I thought that woman was very strange but after five minutes I saw another person that was wearing an anti-smog mask too and I understood that a lot of people wore those masks. That was the first difference from occidental people that I noticed .
In the following days my Chinese colleagues explained that the mask is used to prevent diseases or even simple colds I think that it is a good habit.I like eating Chinese food , as a matter of fact I often go to a Chinese restaurant in Rome with my friends/girlfriend, so I couldn’t wait to try the original Chinese food in Taiwan. In fact , after work, we always went out for dinner , and we always changed restaurants to try different typical dishes. On the streets you can find some hot pot shops. In these shops the waiter gives you all ingredients for a fish soup and you can prepare the soup using a cooker and a pot. A typical famous Chinese dish is boiled goose. It is served in a cup with Soya broth. I tried it but I didn’t like it. I prefer roast beef to boiled goose.I found it in a Taipei food shop but I didn’t have the courage to try it.

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