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When I was fourteen for the first time I tried riding a motorcycle of a friend of mine. I loved it's speed, although the engine size was only fifty cc, and the sense of freedom. My father did not want to buy me one because he was afraid, but after a lot of persuasion I got my first bike. I've been riding bikes for eight years. In this time I've gained a lot of experience, thanks to the knowledge and the time spent riding with friends. But now I have a new ambition: I hope to travel the word with my bike, and probably my first trip will be to Nordkapp It is often said that bikes are dangerous. It's true, but all bikers know and accept the risk for this passion and hope that nothing ever happens. As all motorcyclist, I have had a lot of accidents too and have always been lucky, but I believe that experience and technology can help, and it is better to be careful than riding fast.Ducati is my favorite make, for the tradition and the victories in competitions, especially in SBK. I love Ducati's engines for their two-cylinders configuration, their sound, but also because they are really nice bikes. Unfortunately Ducati hasn't won for a few years in the SBK and in Moto GP it only won in 2007 with Stoner who was my favorite pilot after Rossi. Of course I love riding bikes, either alone or in company. When I ride alone I like to discover new places and new landscapes, for me it's time to unwind and relax. Socially it is often more fun, although sometimes we get carried away. Riding a bike is a way to socialize and make new friends, even if not everyone sees it the same way.
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