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I love reading books about the adventures of Hercules. These books talk about a boy, that is Zeus’s son, god of the sea, that goes to the Halfblood Field and finds that he us the only person that can defeat Crono the god of destruction. Together with his friends defeats, the strongest god of all ,and becomes the biggest hero of all time. He goes back but discovers that New York there is a war between Rome and Greece. And so he stops the war and saves the city from it. My favorite writer is Christopher Pike. He is a famous author for children and adults. He lives in with his wife and his two sons. He wrote a lot of books and the the most important of these books are the The room number 13. He sold millions of copies thanks to these books and he is planning to write other ones.
I always read my books only in the summer because I have got a lot of free time and I can read in tranquility. In fact I can’t read in other seasons because I must study hard because the teachers give me a lot of homework. In the summer I don’t go to school so I can play with my friends and read all day because I haven’t got any homework to do and I don’t study boring school books in fact this summer I’m going to read lots of books … I can’t wait!! I started reading when my granddad gave me my first book entitled The Treasure Island when I was six. Before I never read any books and I read that book in only two weeks. From that moment I started to read lots of books and my dad gave me another book that I read quickly. Now I always read and give my old books to my parents and my friends.

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