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My passion for Shiatsu started when I was 15, when my uncle started teaching me. I always liked massages. I studied and learned these oriental techniques because i wanted to know and understand this fascinating technique. The theories of Oriental life has a different way of seeing the world, they are all much closer to nature than we are. For me it is just a hobby, in fact I do it for fun and for practice. I do not take money as I prefer to massage just to relatives and friends. I‘m in the Italian air force, and I’m very often abroad so I don’t have much free time to take real clients. I have studied this technique here in my town. Both practice and theory require many hours of lessons, because the rules are very difficult to understand. With my love for shiatsu and thanks to my teacher i was able to learn lots of things. Besides shiatsu i also learned other two techniques called Ayurveda and Reiki. But the one i prefer (5) and i love most of all is Shiatsu. There are many oriental techniques that i would like to learn, but the most interesting at the moment is "Bach flowers". The study is based on the flowers around the world. In November i will start another course to learn another very old technique called "TUI NA".
I have just made my reservation and I’m sure It will be very interesting.Shiatsu therapists use fingers and palm pressure to energetic pathways called meridians to improve the flow of "chi". But also we can use our feet and elbows. It is very relaxing for the body the mind and the spirit. The person who receives a shiatsu massage gets a lot of energy and a session lasts about 45 minutes. The person receiving it has to be very close to the ground because he or she has to reconnect to nature, for this they stretch out on a "Tatami" which is the classic Chinese bed, only 3 centimeters high. To give a good massage you must be in a darkened room with some relaxing music and some nice fragrant incense. The person has to relax and shouldn’t talk during the session, in order to get the most out of a it. These techniques do not cure diseases. Their priority is to give psycho-physical balance to our body, and it makes you feel good. I prefer this method to traditional medicine because they are less expensive and do less harm. In these particular massage the objective is to reestablish harmony with your body. Shiatsu massage has the purpose of interpreting certain malfunctions and then to recommend the changes to put in place in order to restore the functionality of the organism. In many cases the massage of homeopathic medicine is to be recommended because it increases the effectiveness in this way. With this therapy the person will surely feel better.
Those who take the massages have to follow simple rules in order to get the best out of them.. They mustn’t eat up to three hours before, they mustn’t wear, metal objects and they mustn’t wear jeans but light clothes because it is easier for me to have contact with their skin. It is also important that they inform me about any operation that have had. At the end of the massage I always thank the person for receiving them , because I like to follow the ancient Chinese principals of Shiatsu : practicing with the heart of a child with no other second purpose and to be pure. I will certainly go in the near future to China to learn more about this fascinating world.
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