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Eglantyne Jebb was the far-seeing founder of save the children. Her motto was "making as a whole is responsible for the world as a whole”. In 1919 after the first world war, children were dying of hunger. Eglantyne was inspired to fight for children and decided to start the Save the Children fund. She began to work in austria, supplying food to starving children there. She startet “Save the Children” as a compassionate but highly professional international aid organization. She was the founder of children’s rights that are now part of the laws of nearly every country in the world, protecting millions of children long after her death.

Eglantyne and her sister Dorothy decided that direct action was needed as well as campaigning to raise funds for helping children who starved and suffered from tuberculosis. Since Save the Children began back in 1919, it has worked to save children’s lives. Today the great lesson of Eglantyne goes on! Save the Children is building a global campaign to ensure the world keeps its promise and saves the lives of as many children as possible in the next few years.

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