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Riassunto esame Cultura e Letteratura Inglese I, prof Polopoli, libro consigliato Frankenstein, Mary Shelley Appunti scolastici Premium

Analisi e trama del libro Frankenstein di Mary Shelley, lettura consigliata per l'esame di Cultura e Letteratura Inglese I, prof.ssa Polopoli, dell'università degli Studi di Catania - Unict, Facoltà di Lingue e letterature straniere. Scarica il file in formato PDF!

Esame di Cultura e Letteratura inglese I docente Prof. V. Polopoli



Walton and the Creature are connected by the same neglected education and passion

• for reading, anticipating the Creature’s self-education through reading.

He desired a friend just like the Creature, in order to cure the loneliness. This

• similarity shows the normality of the creature’s desires.

The framing narrative of Walton’s letters is the reason for the story to be told.

• He introduces themes that become concrete after the introduction of the main

• protagonists.

Frankenstein and Revolution

The novel is connected to the revolutionary political ideas of the time, and in particular with

the revolution in France and the fear and anxiety, common in Britain, about the possibility

of parallel uprisings. However, as we cannot define a clear-cut position about radical

science, so it is for the idea of revolution.

The presence and importance of Paradise Lost, with its anti-authoritarian elements, could

suggest the idea that the novel supports revolutionary activity.

Similar support comes from the presence of Prometheus’s myth as an analogy for Victor’s

works, as it narrates the challenge to the gods for the right to create.

The subtitle ‘Modern Prometheus’ shows how Mary Shelley was aware of the rebellious

elements in her story and wanted the reader to pay attention.

However, the final destruction of both Victor and the Creature is the sign that the rebellious

activity is destined to end and fail. Frankenstein’s challenge is punished, the Creature

remains excluded and eventually destroys himself.

The plot

The novel starts with the epistolary correspondence between Walton and his sister Margaret;

Robert Walton is captain who decided to explore the North Pole, in order to achieve

knowledge and fame. During the voyage, the crew notices a dog sledge driven by a gigantic

figure. A few hours later, the crew rescues a nearly frozen man named Victor Frankenstein.

The captain welcomes him on board and gives him cure and attention to reinforce his health.

He then recovers and tell him his story in order to warn him to avoid such obsession for his


Victor was born in Naples from a wealthy Genevan family; he has three brothers and by the

age of five, his parents adopt Elizabeth Lavenza, the daughter of an expropriated Italian

nobleman. She and Victory eventually fall in love. As a young boy, he studied outdated

scientific theory, focused on simulating natural wonder. His mother dies of scarlet fever.

He then frequents the University of Ingolstadt in Germany, studying chemistry and other

sciences. He develops a secret technique to impart life into non-living matters. He then

decides to create a humanoid, but due to the difficulty of replicating the minute parts of the

human body, he makes him very large. Despite the best intentions, the creature had a

hideous appearance, with yellow eyes and skin that barely conceals the muscle tissue and

blood vessels underneath.

Disgusted, Victor runs away, trying to get some sleep, in order to recover, while the monster

escapes. The next morning, while wandering the streets of Ingolstadt, he meets his

childhood friend, Henry Clerval, who then takes care of him during his illness.

After four months, he is then restored and decides to come home, where he get to know that

his brother William has been murdered. Arriving in Geneva he sees the monster who he had

created, climbing a mountain near the crime scene and he is convinced of his guilt; Victor is

devastated because Justine Moritz is convicted of the crime, after William’s locket is found

in her pocket and he can’t do anything to save her, because no one would believe his story.

He goes in the mountains few days later and meets the Creature, who bids him to hear his


After he escaped, he lived in the wilderness, abandoned and isolated from the rest of the

world because of his terrible appearance. He had to discover by himself the means to

survive. He then lived in an abandoned structure connected to a cottage, where lived a poor

family which he admired a lot. Secretly he stayed with these people, collecting woods for

their fires and learning to speak by listening to them and to read by finding some abandoned

books. Even though he knew that his look was horrible, he tried anyway to approach the

family, with the idea that they would have accepted him because of his goodness. He

succeeded in this purpose by befriending the blind father, but as the rest of the family

returned home and saw him in their living room, they frightened and he escaped. The whole

family left the cottage, which was later burned down by the monster. Desiring revenge, he

sought for his creator, who had brought him into a hateful world. He confessed of murdering

William and framing Justine.

At this point, the creature asks Victor to generate a female companion, as hideous as he is,

with whom run away in search of peace and happiness, in South America. If he refuses, the

monster threatens him to destroy his whole family. So, Victor accepts and starts working on

the new project on the Orkeny Island. Afterwards, he destroys everything, fearing that the

female companion may hate his fellow, or becoming more evil than he is, or worse, he is

tortured by the idea that the two of them could breed a new evil, horrible race to bring death

to all mankind.

The creature tries to convince Victor to start his work again, failing. At this point, he swore

that “he will be with him on his wedding night”, which Victor interprets as a threat for his

own life.

When the doctor returns to Ireland he is imprisoned for the murder of his friend Clerval,

which the monster has staged perfectly, in order to frame Victor.

After being absolved, he returns to Geneva to marry Elizabeth and finally destroy his


During their wedding night, he tells her to stay in the bedroom; but while he searches the

house, he strangles Elizabeth to death. A few days later, his old father weakened by age,


Seeking revenge, Victor follows his enemy to the North Pole, where he dies from

hypothermia and exhaustion.

At this point the narration returns to Walton’s point of view. The crew remains stuck in pack

ice and some of the men on board dies. Walton sees Victory’s story as a warning to avoid




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Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea in scienze della mediazione linguistica (RAGUSA)
Università: Catania - Unict
A.A.: 2017-2018

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