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Questionario completo con tutte le domande di esame per quanto ne concerne dell'abilità di inglese. Appunti basati su appunti personali del publisher presi alle lezioni del prof. Fiorito dell’università degli Studi Pegaso - Unipegaso. Scarica il file in formato PDF!

Esame di Linguistica inglese docente Prof. L. Fiorito



-Exercise 2 is the

●Si usa il simple past ●Indicare quale delle frustrating:-In Communication is the Home banking permits


most difficult in

anziché il present seguenti espressioni act of:-Exchanging accessing bank


the book

perfect: avverbiali indica una services_______:-By


maggiore frequenza phone

__________ satisfactory


-Quando l’evento ●Choosing the correct economic growth, the Communication is the

descritto nella sentence: One sentence drop in unemployment is interchange between the I

frase non produce alle altre: is correct. Which one? stagnating: sender and: -Receiver ______________________


più effetti sul go. The meeting is at

presente -Twice an hour -Are there many 8.00 and it is 7.45: -Must

A bad franchisee can Communication is:-An

students in your damage the public's active process


●“Some” si usa: ●You … do this if you goodwill __________ I bought a new jacket

don’t feel ready. inferior goods and last week but

Consumers want

-Sia per i ●Choosing the correct services:-By ____________________ it

providing products at reasonable

countable nouns che -don’t have to sentence: One sentence yet:-I

prices and of a good haven’t worn

per gli uncountable is correct. Which one? A company is behaving _______________:

nouns ●You … feel guilty for ethically:-If -Quality I think we cannot earn


-I'm going To The

what happened. It wasn’t ______________ in this

its impact on the

Post Office to buy

●The best option in life in your fault. business:-Any

environment Definition of “Business money

some stamps

not always … Ethics”:-The critical,

-mustn’t A Partnership is an If I have to finish in one


-the easiest ●Choosing the correct association of ____:-Two month, I ____ to have an

examination of how

sentence: One sentence

FACOLTATIVO extra designer:-Will

or more persons people &

●The game was is correct. Which one? institutions need

exciting, … it? ●Choosing the correct should behave in

A sole trader is a

-She's going to

sentence: One sentence the world

business that is owned In a Private Limited

-wasn’t have a baby

is correct. Which one? by _________: -One Company

Do you regret (Ltd):-Shareholders


●The say the world’s oil -Mary is a nice girl, ______________________ can sell their

reserves … run out in and I like her ___ your company? shares only if they

According to the

about half a century. I Maybe, you will stay: offer them first to

Bowman Communication

wonder how we will ●Choosing the correct -Leaving the other

model:-The meaning

sentence: One sentence shareholders

of a message is the

manage then. is correct. Which one? Franchising

response it elicits advantages:-A In department stores,

loss of

-are going to -Does she live in a ______________________

control for

Banking can be defined

house or in a flat? ________ very useful


as: -The business of

●The service in this when introducing new

keeping money for

restaurant is awful. Can ●Choosing the correct products to customers:

Franchising models don’t

savings, dealing

you believe it? … three sentence: One sentence -Displays


with accounts,

quarters of an hour for is correct. Which one? -Manufacturer-Manu

exchanging money, In global economy the




my main course, and -How many languages economies of the world

customs are:-Very

there’s still no sign of it! do you speak? have become


different around increasingly:

last week to start her

the world

-I’ve been waiting ●Choosing the correct -Interconnected

new job: -Arrived

sentence: One sentence Be friendly” is:-A

●There’s someone at the is correct. Which one? In the e-commerce, there

Have you seen the

negotiating tips

door, … I get it? are business

_______________ of our

-Yesterday was transactions

new product::

Before these articles left

-shall hotter than today between:-Between


the factory, each one companies or

was thoroughly

●This car has seen better ●Choosing the correct between companies



days. I’d buy a new one if sentence: One sentence and their customers


_: -Inspected

I … the money. is correct. Which one? a contract right now: -Is In the process of


Choose the correct form

-had -She's taller than franchising:-There is

for defining retail

her brother no business



●This package is really relation between



heavy! Give me a hand An _____________is a

●Choosing the correct franchisor and

__ in a bank when he met


with it, … you? person who studies,

sentence: One sentence franchisee

his wife:-Was working

teaches, or writes about

is correct. Which one? Choose the correct order

-will economics: Is not one of the 7 C's of

He will try to get

of these models in a


-I'm the youngest communication:

promoted by any means,


in the class -Character

even if he hurts other


__________ all this people's feelings. He is

buyer, department

splendor, the beginning

●Choosing the correct It is used to give orders


manager, store

was extremely

sentence: One sentence or instructions:-Make an

__________ :-Ruthless


is correct. Which one? offer


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