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This story tells about two warriors, Gluspak and Wasis.

Gluspak was a very strong man who won so many battles that nobody couldn’t

beat him. When he heard about Wasis he wanted to fight him instantly. So he

went to the women’s village and met this very little Baby.

Gluspak laughed when he saw the Baby but he didn’t know he was stronger

then him. Wasis looked at him and he started to scream; Gluspak was terrified

and he ran on and never came back.

The moral of this story is to think about the way you are and not about your

stature. The important thing is to be themselves and when there is a battle

coming you have to be strong and determined and just at this moment you can

face up your enemy. You need to have a very strong personality and just now

you win the battle even if you aren’t too tall.


The Painter


Pablo Picasso was born on 25 October in 1881 in Màlaga, Spain.

He was very young when he showed his genius, his first word was làpis that

is pencil.

He was a only child so he was totally spoiled, he didn’t want to go to school.

His father was an art teacher and Pablo went with him to listen to his lesson

and sometimes he was allowed to help him. When he was just thirteen

Pablo’s father recognized the talent of his son so he gave to him his palette

and brushes and never painted again.

His powerful paintings are known in the whole world above all for his Cubist

pictures like “Guernica” in which people are made up of triangles and


In 1904 Picasso moved to Paris where he met another famous person, The

American writer Gertrude Stain who is present in one of the most important


He created over six-thousand paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Pablo Picasso married twice and he had four children. At the age of nineteen

he was honoured by an exhibition in the Louvre in Paris, and he was the first

living artist to be shown there.

He died of an heart failure during an attack of influenza in 1973.


The Writer


Ernest Hemingway was born on 21 July in 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, the

second of six children. His family was very strict and religious. His mother

taught him a love of music and art and his father taught him a love of the


He got a certificate in 1917 and after he wanted to start to work as a journalist.

After six months he left the job to go to war. Hemingway was fascinated by war.

He wanted to be a soldier but because of his sight he couldn’t do it and in the

First World War he became an ambulance driver. After the war he went to

Paris where he met the American writer Gertrude Stain who encouraged him

to go on to write.

Later he became a war correspondent in the Spanish Civil War and the Second

World War.

He wrote many books about war, the most important is “For Whom the Bell


His personal life was a disaster, he married four times. He was really depressed

and when his father died, it didn’t help him so he started to drink heavily. In

1954 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature but he couldn’t receive it in

person because he wasn’t fine; he committed suicide in 1961 with a shotgun like

his father did.

If you want to go around the world so you like to travel abroad it’s better to

know, to not be impolite and ignorant, how to acquit well in other country

because in every single part of the world people behave in a different way.

In many parts of Asia there is no physically contact when you greet someone.

In Japan for example you should bow, in Thailand you should press both

hands at the chest and bow you head slightly. In both countries eye contact is

avoided as a sign of respect. Moreover, when entering a house or a restaurant

you should take off your shoes and this is also true in China, Korea and Iran.

In Asian and Muslim countries you shouldn’t revel your body.

As to the business, Japanese people consider their professional duty to go out

after work with colleagues to restaurants, bars or nightclubs even if you

don’t want you shouldn’t refuse.

When you meet someone for the first time you should shake you hand. It

happened in Italy, Spain and America. In this country you can wear how you

like in every day life but if you are a business man you should wear smart,

it’s like going to a party every day. In Italy, Latin American and Spain lunch

is the biggest meal of the day, it lasts two or three hours. In Britain you

might have business lunch, on the contrary lunch is a time to relax and

socialize for Mexican and Japanese people.

In most countries an exchange of business cards is essential for all

introductions. In Italy, Spain and Greece some business close for lunch for a

couple of hours, then remains open until the evening.

Karen Saunders has her own travel agency in London. She often travels abroad

for her job. When she goes on holiday she likes doing a lot of things, otherwise

she gets bored. She likes staying on a beach, reading books but she also likes

going around in churches, shops but above all markets and food stores because

she loves cooking.

She has three trips coming up. She’s going to Canada at the Ice Hotel which is

totally made up of ice and after she’s going to Dubai at the spectacular Burj-al

Arab which means the Arabian Tower and it’s shaped like a huge sail. In the

end she’s going to Baobab Rivers in Tanzania, an hotel surround by nature. But

because she has traveled a lot, her ideal holiday is to stay in her sweet home.

Helen, Jane, Matt and David are house-mate, so they live together.

One day near their home they see a new guy who is washing his car, he is

Simon. Jane and Helen want to know him and they decide to introduce

themselves to the newcomer and they immediately invite him to take a cup of

coffee. Jane an Helen introduce Simon to David and Matt but they give him a

cool welcome. David asks Helen if is ready to go to the cinema but she says

there is time to go there before the film start.

After that Matt start to feel nervous so he suggest to David to wait in the car

while Jane and Helen are making Simon acquaintance.

In the meanwhile David, bored, phone at home and he say to hurry up but

Simon answers at it so David feels a little bit embarrassed.

Finally Jane and Helen are ready, they say bye to their new neighbour and get

into the car.

Helen is from London and she’s a marketing assistant.

Jane is from Brighton, she’s a drama teacher.

Simon is from Newcastle and he’s a journalist.

Matt is from Birmingham and he runs computer games shop.

David is from Manchester, he’s a lawyer.

In this episode David and Helen are having breakfast while Jane is going out.

She takes her bicycle and goes to the bank to get some money but when she

arrives she can’t find her purse and phones Matt. He answers but he doesn’t

recognize the Jane’s voice at once, he’s still sleeping. Jane asks to Matt about

the purse and he tries to help her and after he finds it in the kitchen under the

newspaper on the work surfaces. Jane reassured comes back home to collect it

but she can’t enter because she doesn’t have the keys. She knocks the door but

Matt can’t hear because he’s listening to the music so she phones David but he

can’t help her, he’s at work. After that Simon comes and tries to help Jane

climbing the wall and get though the window but he remains stuck. Later David

and Matt rescue him who is a little bit embarrassed.

The episode starts with Matt and Jane that are having a drink in the Froid’s

bar waiting for Helen and David. Suddenly Matt sees a woman and he remains

upset and unhappy. She is Debbie, his ex-girlfriend. Matt and Debbie have been

together for a months, Matt haven’t seen her for three years but he knows that

Debbie still wants to be his fiancée. Jane tries to help Matt and she invents that

they are together. Deb with astonished stare asks where and how they have met

and why Jane doesn’t wear an engagement ring. Jane answer they have met in

the internet and after face to face at a club and she doesn’t wear the ring

because it’s a secret. Later, Helen and David arrive while Jane goes to take a

drink. Helen sees Deb and she runs to Matt to help him but unfortunately she

also tells Debbie that she’s Matt’s fiancée. Matt and Jane are very embarrassed

and Deb seems confused.

In this episode we see David who is preparing a romantic dinner for his

girlfriend Julia but the things don’t go well.

While David is cooking Thai Chicken with chilly, Helen and Matt offer to help

him. They taste the dish and they decide to put in it other chilly powder.

Unfortunately they put so much in it that the dish can’t be eat, it’s too hot.

David doesn’t know what to do, Julia comes in a quarter of an hour and it’s

impossible to cook something in fifteen minutes. So they call Jane who is having

a joga lesson hoping that she can help them because she is a fantastic cook.

Jane asks to Helen if there is any pasta and tuna in the cupboard. Helen and

Matt start to prepare the dinner and they do it in just ten minutes. They make a

wonderful dinner, pasta with onions, mushrooms and tuna, salad as side dish.

Julia remains happy and she congratulates to David asking for the recipe.

Alison is Jane’s sister, she comes to stay to her for a weekend because she has to

go to an engagement party for Tom and Zoe, two old friends of her. Helen asks

to her what she is going to wear, so Alison takes out the dress and Helen is

enchanted. After Alison goes out to buy a present to their friends and Helen

takes out the bag Alison’s dress but unfortunately she stains it with coffee so

they have to buy another. They go in the center to buy the dress and finally

David and Helen find it and she pays £250 for it. When they get back home they

tell everything to Alison about the old dress and they give to her the new one.

Alison is very excited about it and says that this dress is much better than the

old one because she has bought it in a charity shop and it costs just £10. Helen

like everybody is upset.

This episode tells about holiday.

It’s Sunday morning and Helen is reading a newspaper. Jane is reading too and

she finds an advertisement for a holiday in Barcelona for a week just for £120.

Everybody expect Matt has traveled abroad, he has just been to Scotland and

Birmingham. So they encourage Matt to go there because it’s cheap and it’s a

great holiday. Matt immediately accept to leave but he doesn’t know how to

book the ticket but Jane helps him and she books it on the internet. Actually

Matt is a little bit afraid about the flight because he hasn’t flown anywhere but

finally he goes there and he has a wonderful time and he enjoys the flight as

well, in fact he’s thinking about taking flying lessons.




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