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• Our products aim to please the largest number of tastes possible (la nostra

produzione è realizzata per incontrare il gusto della più vasta gamma di


• Medium quality would be suitable/acceptable

• The result of years of experience (frutto di anni di esperienza)

• Prices are inclusive of…

• As you requested

• To take advantage of an offer

• To avail oneself of a good opportunity

• To cancel/ confirm an order

• To rely on (contare su)

• To make every effort to suit/meet your requirements

• To meet the demand (soddisfare la domanda)

• For the last 6 months (nel corso degli ultimo mesi)

• We have pleasure in enclosing

• We are pleased in offering you

• We take this opportunity to draw your attention to

• To launch a product

• We think you will be interested to know

• Please do not hesitate to let us know (comunicarci)

• To brighten up the image (migliorare l’immagine)

• We invested our profits in new machinery which allowed our production to

increase dramatically

• I wish to draw your attention to the wide product line I could offer you and I

keenly hope that it will satisfy you

• At the moment…all sizes are available

• The high quality of our products, confirmed by all our customers of the area

and also abroad, my long experience in the field and my extensive network of

retail partners will give you great satisfaction.

• We have pleasure in enclosing herewith (alla presente) our invoice amounting

to 340 euros on payment of which (dietro pagamento della quale) we will

release your order to the forwarding agent (provvederemo ad inoltrare allo

spedizioniere quanto ordinatoci)


• We look forward to receiving your comments on what may be a mutually

profitable collaboration

• Come to visit us soon, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and

selection of goods, and if there is anything you need that we do not have in

stock, we shall be pleased to procure it for you

• I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your


• We would be grateful if you could…and remain at your disposal for any further

information you may need

• Should you have any queries about…please call/telephone me

• I look forward to hearing your response

• I would be most grateful if you would look into this matter as soon as possible

• Please let me know as soon as possible what action you propose to take

• If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me

• I look forward to your reply

• I look forward to meeting you in Paris next week

• We look forward to a successful working relationship with your company in

the future

• I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter

• I trust that you will give this matter your urgent attention

• I hope you can settle this matter to my satisfaction

• Please do not hesitate to contact me

• Please contact me if you require further details

• I look forward to seeing you in our next meeting

• Please advise as necessary

• Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact


• Thank you for your assistance, which is much appreciated

• Detailed, accurate description



• We have noticed that (rileviamo che)

• To keep our name before clients’ eyes

• We hereby inform you that the shipment you sent does not correspond to

what we ordered

• We regret to inform you that the bulk (gran parte) of your last delivery…

• We must point out (dobbiamo sottolineare)

• None of the products I received fit with my requirements

• Please find attachments with the products and the respective details

• Within ten days from today

• I am writing to express my great dissatisfaction with..

• Payment is overdue (il pagamento è scaduto)

• The late arrival left us seriously short of stock (la ritarda consegna ha

causato un preoccupante abbassamento delle nostre disponibilità di


• Against risks of

• The products are not the high standard that I expected of them

• On buying these goods you will receive the cassette free of charge

• You will no doubt understand that this situation could be highly damaging

for our shop and we cannot afford to risk this happening again

• I am writing to complain about a series of problems relating to the quality

of your products and the punctuality of your monthly consignment (più

formale di delivery) of goods

• The majority of products I received don’t satisfy my request at all

• The products don’t match the description which you gave me in your last


• We must insist that you respect delivery dates for future orders, otherwise

we shall be obliged to turn (ricorrere) to other suppliers

• Two weeks have passed since the expiry of the fixed date of delivery and in

spite of our numerous telephone calls and your assurances of immediate

consignment, nothing has so far been delivered to us and we do not even

know the certain date of delivery.

• I have run the risk of losing my best customers and the good reputation

which I have earned since I started up this firm

• The products are not of the high standard which I claimed

• We remind that we need…

• Any further delay on your part could cause serious material damage and a

loss of image that would be incalculable for our firm.

• We formally invite you to fulfil (adempiere a ) your commitment, otherwise

we shall obliged to take serious steps against you/to take legal action

• This material was never ordered by us

• We were very disappointed to see that you sent us…

• Owing (a causa) to your failure to deliver on time

• To replace/to substitute/to send something in place of…

• Damaged, broken, scratched, dented, torn, bruised (danneggiato, rotto,

ammaccato, strappato, ammaccatodi frutta)

• Faulty/defective/in poor condition (cattive condizioni)/imperfect

• Error/mistake/misunderstanding (errore/sbaglio/incomprensione,


• Poor/week/insufficient packing

• We require the utmost/greatest/maximum urgency

• We are at loss to understand (non comprendiamo affatto)

• To cause problems/troubles (fastidi) anche a great deal of inconvenience

• We shall be obliged to place our orders elsewhere (trasmettere ad altri I

nostril ordini)


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Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea in mediazione linguistica e interculturale
A.A.: 2013-2014

I contenuti di questa pagina costituiscono rielaborazioni personali del Publisher kika210588 di informazioni apprese con la frequenza delle lezioni di Inglese specialistico e studio autonomo di eventuali libri di riferimento in preparazione dell'esame finale o della tesi. Non devono intendersi come materiale ufficiale dell'università La Sapienza - Uniroma1 o del prof Di Giovanni Elena.

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