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I have just completed the third year of secondary school. It is a state school, it is near my house and it is specializing in science studies. So, I like studying Italian, English and biology and Maths. As programmed by the school syllabus this year I had to do a new subject, Philosophy. Initially I was very bored because I was sure it was a useless subject and that I would not even like. With time, I realized that Philosophy was a really interesting subject. In a short time I started to love it and in every lesson I wanted to know more and more things. I was like obsessed. I think that if I like it so much it is even due to my teacher. She is really nice, not very young and has not only taught me authors such as Plato or Aristotle, but she has taught me to broaden my mind, and to see life from different points of view. In fact in this school year, now completed, after we discussed about new authors she used to talk about current problems such as news, our problems in life.

One day I was a bit depressed and she noticed it, so she invited me to tell her about my problems and in a simple way she gave me some advice like ‘ you should talk more about yourself ’. I believe I owe her a lot. Then she had a really different way to teach, in fact she often used to take us to the computer lab where we could see images, read more in depth about philosophical thoughts and aphorisms. Among all the authors we studied my favourite one was Plato. Our teacher suggested us to read his famous book 'The Republic', in which, the philosopher faces up to various issues like the world of matter and the Super celestial, politics, citizenship and Eros in the form of dialogues. Plato has spent a lot of time to express the concept of Eros with its three stages: carnal love, love for justice and platonic love. Even if Plato talked about platonic love two thousand years ago, nowadays we still use it in common language.
I personally can talk about an episode of platonic love which regards my grandmother. Once she told me that when she was twenty years she fell in love with a man but at those times it was really hard that a family accepted love only for pure love My grandmother couldn’t live her love freely and the same thing was for the man she liked, so she was forced to live her love in a platonic way. In fact, whoever knew about their story at that time thought that it was really strange. They spent years just looking at each other secretly without never talking. It went on until one of them was forced to marry someone else.. The concept of Eros, is a part of Plato's thought that struck me strongly. I never get tired to say though, that this was possible due to my teacher who lovingly made me literally love philosophy. I think that what I studied does not end up in oblivion which is good because next year I will continue studying this subject. Probably we will not have the same teacher next year this is because it is customary to change teachers each year. This is a shame because I do not think there is another teacher in our school that can teach as she does. It is said that hope is the last to die, so if she was again my teacher I'd be really happy.
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