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Most offices give the impression that everything is tranquil and that the workers get along well and work together in order to provide a service. This is not always the case. The workplace is often a place where there is conflict and competition between the workers that can affect the people working there. The most common problem is that because of the competitive nature of the workplace, sometimes one worker envies his colleague and will do everything in his power to ensure that his colleague is not successful. This creates pressure in the workplace and workers may feel like they have their backs to the wall. Some workers even get depressed as a result of all of the pressure and stress associated with envy and competition; because they become suspicious of their colleagues, these workers can begin to see the members of the office as wolves in a sheep's clothing. In other words, the team spirit breaks up and they do not work together anymore. That can create a fractured unity between the workers. It is important that the workplace be an environment where the workers are satisfied. When workers are dissatisfied with the ambiance in the office, they have a tendency to take more holidays and sick days, and productivity and efficiency can be affected. Some workers are fortunate to have a colleague take them under his wing and experience more satisfaction with the workplace than those who are not so lucky. Scientists doing research on workplace environment were astonished to see what a difference it can make to a worker if he feels like he is under the wing of another colleague that he admires and respects. Office managers should try to facilitate an environment where the workers feel good about themselves and their work. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of human resources or office managers to separate the wheat from the chaff and to eliminate those workers who do not function well in the office. It is a complicated situation which should be researched more fully because workplace environment affects everybody's success.

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