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Euthanasia also known as "sweet death" is a topic that splits sharply in public opinion for and against.
They are here to decide if people seriously ill, for which there is no hope of healing (at least based on the knowledge of Medicine), they can decide (themselves, their relatives or even doctors) physical suppression, to avoid further pain, through the administration of appropriate drugs or lethal bites.
Who has the unfortunate experience happened to witness the agony of a dying person, perhaps in coma and kept alive only by machinery, suffering and passing difficult times beyond our imagination, certainly came up with a drastic solution, which could put an end to those pains.
But, what do you think of those cases which have occurred, not explainable through healing science, people deemed incurable by doctors?
We know that in Belgium and the Netherlands this have been proposed, even at the level of the European Parliament, laws permitting euthanasia, while retaining the ban at the right.

Now I wonder: can the State liberalize the suicide from its mind?
The principle of freedom is undoubtedly in our basic law, but it is permissible to allow a man to suppress himself in order to ease his pain?
What is the meaning of pain? Perhaps here the problem. The pain is inherent in human nature. It is right and fair that the doctors know how to relieve pain in patients, and this is certainly one of the main purposes of medicine, but is it fair to consider euthanasia as a means to eliminate the pain? It is not by chance that today's society has accustomed us to avoid pain, rather than to deal with it, as perhaps happened in other cultures or at other times?
However, I do not think it is either fair to impose by law the insistence to the bitter end of therapy (so-called life-prolonging measures) or forcing someone to endure without ending an unnecessary pain.

Therefore, as well as the code of medical ethics affirms, I think it is fair that the patient (or the physician) perform direct treatments to impair mental and physical integrity and to shorten life or cause death, but instead is understandable, and therefore lawful, the so-called voluntary passive euthanasia, i.e. the suspension or exclusion of a life support treatment when this treatment cannot help but put off a slow and painful death.

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