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I would like to talk about my job and my company, which is Supper SPEAS Group.
I graduated in economy 15 years ago, and (1) I've been working with Supper SPEAS since1996 .Supper SPEAS Group is a company which operates in the automotive industry and we are specialised in metal working (in particular steel).
We develop a wide range of metal working activities, stretching from all kinds of press work, welding and precision mechanic manufacturing.
We have customers all over the world, our major accounts are CHRYSLER for the Italian market and Opel, which is known as Vauxhall in the UK , for the foreign market. Our main products are: car seats and seat frames, steering columns, gear shaft support, car jacks, brake supports, brake and gear shift hand levers and a lot of other products for the automotive market.
The group has various plants in Italy and Europe, but the headquarters are in Rome,which is also a very modern plant as we have robots on our production lines.

I think that robots will play a major role in the production process of the future. because they are basically trouble free ! I am the Logistic Manager and I’m in charge of a team of 13 colleagues : 4 working in the office with me and 9 assigned to moving goods. The logistic department manages the entry of the raw materials, we also follow the production process and finally, we are responsible for delivering the products to our clients. It may seem simple, but it is not: every day I must fight with suppliers, with the people on the production line , and of course with our customers who are very demanding ! I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning and at 7,30 I am already in my office. I am lucky because I live near my work place. As first thing I check the night shift production ,then
I download my e mail hoping that everything is fine. We normally get in from our suppliers about 10 lorries of raw material a day, and we send out to our clients about 15 lorries. This may give you an idea of how busy we are, and of how tired I get by the end of the day, which finishes at 8 p.m. – That’s when I go back home to my family.

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