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Being famous
Being famous and rich is one of the ideals of the young people. There’s people who like becoming public property, being acknowledged by the others and being in the middle of the attentions; but there’s someone who doesn’t like this so much. Without any doubts, I can say there are some advantages and some disadvantages of being important, but I cannot say which are more.

A well-known person hasn’t any financial problems: he could go to the best colleges and schools of his country and buy what he likes when he likes. He’s always stopped by the other people who want his signature, his photo or his kiss. When he did something, all of the people know it: this is a lead over the others if this thing is an intelligent and smart thing, but if it isn’t, it becomes one of the worst difficulty, because of the press. As a matter of fact, a famed person hasn’t a his own private life: the press continuously works around him, looks for information about his relations and his moves. He never know what is in store for him; for example a new love or a quarrel with someone. He hasn’t a his own personality, because he musts show himself like a diplomatic person and he cannot show his real feelings. He hasn’t got many friends, because he can’t go out with them such as a normal boy.
As I told before, being famous isn’t very easy. I think one person musts be free to do as he likes: going out whit his friends, going to the cinema or playing sports when he wants. . He also has to decide for himself, to make one’s choices. For these reasons, I wouldn’t become a famous person like a king or a prince, but an ordinary guy who can live his life and be himself.
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