Video appunto: Thinking Wheels (future)
Thinking Wheels (future)
How to creat a paragraph that talks about what the future is going to look like: in this case Italy.

People think before the year 2050 Italy is going to become a big country!! Foreign citizens will continue increasing and the state will improve it’s technological status and the population, according to the censorship held in 2008 by Istat will reach 70 million.
Obviously the car industries will produce and introduce to the market new products and maybe eletricity will be free. There will be electrical equipment and farmers needn’t to stress their body doing hard jobs in as much there will also be robots whose job i sto agevolate man’s work. Children will have small eletronic robots as baby-sitters and this will help parents reduce spendine their incombe inorder to employ one.
The worst thing that frightens me a loti s what thw world is going to be like after this year and if everything become technological obviously un-employment will increase anh how will be for poor people? Is not to under-look the out-running of petroleum which may block the growth of economy for the third world and developing countries as well. How will people living in the Saharian region cope or survive if the world’s temperature adds up to 4,5°C to its normal temperature?
The things that surprises me mosti s the regular up-rising of the number of the world’s population (e.g China and India) which is expected to reach 11,500 billion in the next 50 years. I wonder how people are going to walk in the streets. At that point looking down from a building roof someone will just see the mas ‘ants’ going forward and backward to God knows where!