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Since I was a child, I’ve always loved reading. I believe that reading is good for your mind and soul, because it enriches and stimulates the imagination, feelings and emotions. Also reading is knowledge, it is information. Through a book I get to know new places, new characters, in short, I relax reading and I feel free to express what I think. I like reading in my little free time and when I’m in bed because I prefer reading in silence. Many years ago, I started reading at school thanks to my Italian teacher who encouraged us to buy and read books as much as we could. Every week, he dedicated an entire lesson to reading. He said that reading is culture, and it’s true. Over time I learned that books teach a lot , reading also improves your writing and it helps you to be more critical . In fact today thanks to my Italian teacher, I’m sure that I will pass on to my future children my love for reading The first book I read was “Piccolo Principe” , written by Antoine Saint-Exuperry. It was given to me for my twelfth birthday from my best friend. Have you ever read this book? It’s a poetic story that talks about issues such has love, friendshipand the meaning of life. When I read it for the first time, I didn’t like it very much, but after I read it again and I understood its true meanings, I mean to keep relationships with the people that I love.My favorite kind of books are thrillers, and also historical books because they are very interesting. I’d rather read a thriller than other literary kinds, such as romantic books, or fantasy books because I like suspense, the twists, the mystery of each story. My favorite author is Andrea Camilleri, he’s a Sicilian author who writes detective stories and his books tells about the adventures of the commissioner Montalbano. Recently I have read also another writer J. Carofiglio, he is a judge that has written “Il testimone inconsapevole ”. This book is about the murder of a child in which a foreigner is involved.I’m going to read another book that is also written by an important judge R. Cantone. The title of this book is “Solo per giustizia”. It was recommended to me by my university professor in a criminal law lesson. Reading this masterpiece will help me to better understand the dramatic situation of my country, that is the fight against the camorra, which is the local mafia, . I strongly recommend this book to all those who like me, want to now more about of this problem which is strongly influencing in a negative way our country.

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