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Teaching people how to survive

Bill Jackson is an instructor in a tracking and wilderness survival school. He learned about tracking from Flying Eagle, an Apache elder. Flying Eagle believed that we are losing touch with the Earth. He thought it was important that we remember the old skills and beliefs. He taught Bill about the natural world, how to read its signs and survive in the wild. Bill has travelled to the wilderness of North America, South America and Canada, and now teaches the old skills in a survival school in Que be c.
Dawn is his favorite time with the light, the smells and sounds of the forest, especially the birds. It’s like the morning news- the birds tell you about the forest. And they tell you if predatore are nearby.
He works as a teacher at the school, and teaches all kinds of people from college studente to buisnessmen. The school also trains police officers and soldiers from all over the world. Sometimes He is a volunteer for the police if there is missino child or hiker. It’s a horrible part of his job because sometimes the people don’t survive. He follows their tracks using their shoes so He can match the tracks. Tracks tell you a lot- they tell you if a person or animali s tired, anxious, or hungry.

Lunch in the wild can be very good. He is not a vegetarian, but He eats lots of edile plants and berries. These give you energy and keep you healthy. At the school they teach the studente to cook what they gather in the wild. They also learn to hunt and kill for food.
Most of his days are spent without the gadgets of modern life. Of course, we use mobile phones, computers and eletricity but in the wilderness we put aside technlology and try to get closer to nature.
Dusk, the moment just before dark, is another magical time. In the wild I build a shelter and collect food before the light fades. Then I meditate. The sounds are different beacuse the hunters are out – the bears, foxes, and wild cats. It’s a good time to listen.

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