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We can definite the femicide as the most popular rising topic in the current society.
It's already a customary hearing unpleasant news about the said topic.
"Women has become an object to take advantage to and then toss like a dilapidated tatter";"Freedom is still unknowm for women , They haven't any freeing about changing their love condition's future,she hasn't to divorce even if her heart beats for someone else or for some another life projects, Others plans, like obtaining success in field of her job,personal pride.
After hearing determined unpleasant news, the anger just came through naturally,this behaviour toward the creators of life is the most volatile crime toward the human being.
In the Bible,after the Lord God created animals, Adam hadn't got any helper suitable for him;so the Lord God took one of his ribs, fashionated it into a woman and brought her to the man.".
So that's a methaphor who wants to mean that woman, being part of the man body,must to be respected.
Nowadays,being careful to their boyfriend's behaviour has become a full time job for women.
Never trust, neither who is supposed to be our lover.
Men's claws are Always on hand.
Turning back according to the chronogical line,we can notice that every pillar has been built in the ancient time.
Women in fact were considered intellectually inferior to men, instruction was designed just for men; women, according to the antiquated mind of that time, were useful for chores, needlework , cooking and perpetuating the lineage.
In some societies life, adultery was just permitted to men and thus,for women, would have been meant Death, they were killed violently, beheaded etc..
No compassion for women life.
Furthermore, visualizing a family moment, would have been meant parents and a child, acknowledging it was a disgrace if the child was a girl.
Cusses would have been yelped toward the wife who gave Birth to someone who couldn't perpetuate the family lineage;for a king,it was even worse, a girl couldn't preside over her father's throne.
Some societies,in addition,kept spreading over an incorrect way of labelling women, according to the skin colour.
Women with a tan skin were the bad ones,the colour was an evident consequence of being often outside, catching the sun warmth,the rays of sunlight; the ones with a skin as light as the milk were the good ones, the portraits of the suffered, hurtful soul imprisoned in the darkest of shelter, without spotting any crack.
Then fortunatelly,the situation changed with the romantic era,where women were considered the unique mean able to elevate men to God.
Unlike some countries,nowadays,things changed just apparently.
In fact,looking at some mannequins strolling along streets,teeny-tiny dressed, with thick makeup, doesn't mean women truly obtained freedom.
Truth is that women constitute the most sensible gender,the most delicated one,and hence someone could think they're the least strong, but letting the emotions come up is the strongest of the actions.
In Italy, for example, 116 women have been murdered from their husband/boyfriend, the reasons are the same over and over again:jealousy, depression...
If we stopped just a moment to immerse in one of the victims life, we'd visualize a woman with dreams and purposes in life, because: who doesn't have dreams?. A woman that, after having been subjected hurtful situation by who was considered "lover", is waiting for a better person able to love and respect her.
Her struggle to move on with her life after a disappointment, the hope, the last who died, of forgiving who deeply hurted her.
Then, a bang in our heart, a deep dark reservoir, the fulling world on her feet.
Life is not a board game, when it finishes , you can't restart with the hope of winning. Removing someone life means removing your own dignity.
Stop Killing women, the genders need each other to evolve.
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