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Why guys (or teenagers generally speaking) have to take drug?

I think a guy approaches to drugs for a variety of reasons: want to try new emotions, desire not to be excluded by a company during an evening in disco, fix to face reality. Of course, even sociological motivations are important. More than half of drug addicts, according to the statistics, belongs to families in crisis: parents separated, insufficient dwelling, violent parents, etc. In general we can say that drug leads them to try something that they still haven’t tried or done, i.e. the junkie is a person who lacks something, even just a little bit of love. Unfortunately, his family, his environment, people who have met him have failed him.
He begins to criticize adults who often, and it is true, are inconsistent or worried about money only.
Then move on to belong to a group of peers to be part, identifying himself in it.
Drug can then become a symbol of rejection of adult’s society, used as compensation and as an instrument of decrease stress and unhappiness.

The State of euphoria and numbness that you test with the intake of those substances does nothing but amplify that feeling of detachment from an unpleasant reality.
Many, fortunately, are able to stop on their own, without taking the most dangerous substances. Others do not, causing health problems to themselves, and the whole social community, becoming in turn drug dealers or simple marginalized.
Certainly the best cure is prevention. The family and the school can do much to ensure that the boy is not tempted to try.
For example it is worth that parents spend more time with their children, according to the work plan or other economic concerns.
Teachers should learn to speak more with their students of their problems and share part of their lives, at least through their gratification.
However, even once the recruitment mechanism is triggered, you can break free from drugs.
In fact, there are many therapeutic communities, associations and Government agencies ready to help those who want to get out of this situation.
The problem, however, is to prevent the drugged, once detoxified and return to take that substance, by eliminating the causes that have led to that gesture. It seems to me, in this regard, the initiatives of inserting into a job, perhaps rewarding the most suited to help them really build a life full of promise. Moreover, the presence of priests and educators can help combat the emptiness, the fear and the lack of ideals and forming a stronger personality.
Beside that, you also need to make laws and operate to annihilate the drugs trade at all levels, from the so-called drugs "read" up to those "heavy".
Some believe that only the legalisation of soft drugs could reduce the dramatic consequences of the vertiginous development of drug trafficking.
Maybe you really can drop the price of drugs on the international market and would reduce the crime and violence associated with drug trafficking. But we try to ask what they think of this legalization the boys of a therapeutic community, almost all of whom approached to drugs thanks to the classic joint. The largest drug dealing that produces thousands of millions of dollars per year is to be recognized in cocaine, that cannot be considered a drug. What should we do to discourage the traffic? Liberalize this, or maybe even the heroine? There is a need to avoid any easy solution, and go instead to the root of the problem, in order to solve it.

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