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I would like to talk about my favourite actor Roberto Benigni . I was nine when i saw him for the first time in one of his films and I thought I’m going to be an actress! I will act in his films! Roberto Benigni is now 60 he was born in Tuscany in a village near Florence .When he was young he acted in a local theatres and when he was 20 he left his hometown to work in a radio station in Rome.When I saw his film I thought he was a great actor ,he is a versatile artist who always accepts new challenges and I admire him also for his patriotism , in fact he is the only Italian artist committed to spread the Italian culture in the world the Divine Comedy on a world tour performing also in US.HE is Appreciated for his explanation and recitations of Dande ’s Divina Commedia by heart. During 2006 and 2007 ,had a lot of success due to his 90 minute “one man show” called: everything about Dante ,combining current events and memories of his past ,narrated with an ironic tone .E A D has been performed in many Italian cities for a total of 130 shows ,and over 10 million spectators followed him on tv show “The 5th canto of Hell”.In Italy ,all students must study the Divine Comedy ,at school, for them this is a torn in the side ,because of the difficulty in understanding the old Italian language style, but if they study EAD they will have less difficulties in learning this masterpiece of the Italian language .Benigni was already known in the world especially in the u.s. since 1997 when he played in and produced “life is beautiful a film based on the holocaust tragedy. It’s a wonderful and touching film with which he won 3 Oscar awards for the best film the best actor and the best original score.The film is set in 1939. The main protagonist is Guido Orefice who is a young Jewish that is looking for job in the city where he meets Dora, a teacher. They get married and have a son called Giosue’ .Unfortunately the political climate in Italy, was changing , and the second world war broke out.One day wile the family was celebrating Giosue’s birthday Guido and Giosue’ are seized and impounded in a concentration camp. here Guido tries to protect his son’s innocence during his internment at a Nazi concentration camp telling him that the holocaust is only a game and that he must follow very carefully the rules which his father Guido invented in order to win .
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