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I would like to talk about social networks and in particular of facebook.
It was launched in 2004, in the USA, by Mark Zuckerberg. Originally It was planned only for the students of a university, then it had an huge success and today it’s the second most visited website in the world after Google. For me Mark Zuckerberg is a very lucky and rich young man.I don’t use facebook very much but however, I use it every day for about five minutes. I use it to send messages to my friends, arrange evenings dinners with them, etc.. Up to a few months ago I used facebook more because I attended university and I used it to communicate with my course mates who belonged to the same discussion group. In fact the communications could be seen only by those who took part of it.

With this method I saved a lot of money on petrol because I didn’t go to university to get information, in fact I received the information through facebook. In conclusion I was less stressed. With facebook you can keep in touch with close and far friends, and start new relationships, you can share interesting news found on the web and open discussions, you can upload photos and videos to show your friends, play, etc.
I don’t use facebook in this way, I use it only to chat with my friends
Since I graduated, I don’t use facebook like I used to. I use it less because I don’t communicate with the university group anymore. I use it, generally, to chat with close friends, and generally I chat with them when I’m already at the pc. If I have to do it on purpose, I don’t. By that, I see that I’m not a big fan of facebook, even if I use it everyday.
For many people facebook is an obsession, they use it too much.
There are, besides facebook, other social networks of huge success, and they are twitter, messenger, my space, badoo, instagram, etc. Now, twitter has become as famous as facebook. Twitter is used a lot by celebrities.
I prefer facebook to twitter. One thing that bothers me about social networks is the privacy: everybody knows about whatever you write,. Now on facebook there are options that preserve your privacy, but however there isn’t any real privacy.
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