Pros and Cons of advertising

Advertisements are everywhere and we are led to believe that advertising brings only benefits, but further consideration shows that it also has a negative side.
On the positive side, advertisements can help a new product to be known on the market, it can also be a way to save money. It increases sales so that companies can produce things at lower costs and make things cheaper.
Also television stimulates humanitarian initiatives such as drugs, smocking, anorexia etc. and it can inform about serious situations like abandonment of animals.
On the other hand, advertising always interrupts films and programs on television, it's very irritating. Instead advertisement on the road can be very very dangerous for the driver. Also all type of advertisements are not honest and truthfulness because they show things that are not true.
Through advertising, people sometimes buy products that they may not need and often can not afford.
Fast food like Mc. Donald or Burger King show advertisements, which lead especially children to obesity and diabetes.
In conclusion, advertising in my opinion is unnecessary because for example if I want to buy a car or another things, I'll go to a shop and I decide what I want to buy.
And then .. when a movie or a program are interrupted by an advertising I use that time to go to the bathroom and fix up the house especially in the evening and so I never watch the advertisements. To sum up I could say that advertising is only an another way to cheat people.
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