Video appunto: Mind map - Example of an embarassing moment, presentation and funny clauses
Mind map: example of an embarassing experience that has happened to someone

When teachers usally tell studente to prepare a mind map and write about an embarassing moment they’ve ever had. Here’s is an example of the way to impress him/her.

We’ve all found ourselves in humiliting moments where people point fingers, laugh and make jokes of you (you feel like your face is turning bright red).
You usually want to hide yourself in shame because you’ve done something totally embarassing just like this event I’m about to tell.
It’s all about an eighteen year old girl called Nancy. One day she was at the apartment of a guy she really liked and he was using the restroom when she really had to use the bathroom too. She was impatient, shy and couldn’t wait for him to finish, and at the same time she didn’t know what to do, so at the point she couldn’t help it she just dropped her pants and crapped right there (on the floor!) with the intentino of picking it up with a paper towel and later throw it away, but right then he came out of the bathroom. She threw a pillow over her crap and hoped he couldn’t notice it. Unfortunately he knew something was wrong, so he picked the pillow and ther was her shit. Accordino to the girl he was like,”What the hell is this”, and she was so scared and made up the story. She told the guy “your dog just ran in here and pooped on the floor, but I didn’t want the dog to be embarassed so I coverei it up. And he said “ I don’t have a dog, I think you’re lying”. So he knew she was the one and he picked the poop and threw it at her. She had to leave coverei in her own poop. As if all wasn’t enough, a few days later, he called to ask her money for the carpet cleaning bill he had to have inorder to pay the drycleaner, and Namcy felt like dying.