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Swimming: my first passion

My passion has always been swimming. I started when I was 4 years old, thanks to my mother who wanted to teach me how to swim because of her fear of water. When I was young I used to go to the swimming pool after lunch, but as for now I had to change hours, so I go there in the evening. I started in a pool with a deep water because where I used to go as a child they didn't have a pool with shallow water for children, but in return, there was a trainer who taught us how to swim very well. During these years I have met a lot of people with whom I’ m still in contact. In all these years I have brought a lot of my friends with me to the swimming pool in order to approach them to swimming. Most of them liked it and still keep going. If I had to choose my favorite style I would choose a particular style that is called BREAST STROKE. It’s a complicated style for many people, but for me it is the easiest and the most relaxing.
It seems strange, but if I had to choose between swimming at sea or in a pool I would choose the pool. Maybe because the pool gives me more security so I feel safer, and also because at sea you may meet some. I love swimming because it gives me wonderful sensations. I feel at ease when I’m in the water, and it helps me to get rid of lots of stress which I accumulate during the week. It’s nice and relaxing, I get rid of all my thoughts for an hour and I concentrate only on a sequence of movements which allows me to move in an environment that is not mine by nature. I think everyone should learn how to swim when they are young because it helps to grow in a very Despite swimming for 15 years, I took part in only one competition. I remember I was shaking even if it wasn't really a competition but it was only a preparation for youngsters.
From that moment on I never took part in other competition also because I don’t like to show off. Probably now I would be a champion. Among the swimmers that I surely admire the best is Massimiliano Rosolino. He is an Italian swimmer who comes from Naples and his mother is Australian. His specialty is freestyle in fact he has won many gold medals in this style and has also set many records. I saw him once in the pool while he was training for the Olympics. Even if he hasn't achieved excellent results in the recent years, I think he remains one of the best Italian swimmers. I can’t wait to watch the Olympics on TV and support our Italian swimmers.
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