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Who is a good neighbor?
In my opinion he is a person who respects other people; he has to be sociable, nice, charitable, friendly.
Some people live in the same place for a long time but they never had met their neighbors for many reasons;
in fact in the article “The night I met my neighbors” the writer says that in England relationships among people are not strong.
He describes his situation in the street in which he has been living for some years, West London: he knows a few people so he decided to change this situation having a party.
It was a great idea.
He was interested in knowing his neighbors, their work, their children, their customs.
The party started in the afternoon, at half past six, there were some drinks and a lot of people, about thirty, who lived in the same street, sometimes in the same block of flats, door to door.
The invitations were pushed hand by hand by the writer, who was very happy for this party, appreciated by all guests.
The people who participated to the party had different work, interests, engagements and, above all, they had no time to spend in maintaining good relationships.
We sometimes live alone, without friend;
so, when we have a problem, we haven’t anyone to confide into, to ask advices.
We should be interested in having good relations with our neighbors, helping them, hoping also in their help when we need it.
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