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The origins of Porticiare uncertain. Some authors think that Portici was built during the Roman Empire, while other authors think that Portici was built around year 500 AD by the Ostrogoths. In 1300 Porticibegan its territorial development and the old country areas became populated. Subsequently during the 18th century, it became affected by drought and by cholera and in 1872 it was declared a city by King Vittorio Emauele II.Portici is rich of artistic monuments. In fact there are many churches, such as The Main Church, but the most important church is the Chatedral , which is located in the heart of the city. There are two important castles too: Loriano castle built in 1700 which is now abandoned, and Airola castle which is in a better condition as people live there. Our town has quite a few famous people from the past like the famous writer and philosopher Federico Quercia, to whom our local lyceum is entitled ; XXXX, writer and journalist and finally Don Oracle a religious of the beginning of the 20th century.In Porticisport plays an important role. Many Sports are practiced and certainly the most important one is football. Our football team is called Real Portici lots of supporters follow the team wherever they play. Cycling is also a popular sport, in fact thanks to the love for this sport the town council about 20 years ago decided to build the velodrome, which is a cycle-racing track that has been the largest in Italy for many years. Today the most popular sport is boxing. Porticihas a very good reputation for its long tradition in this discipline and our gyms have given birth to lots of champions. These boxer have taken part in the Olympics and they have won many medals and they are also famous stars . I have always lived in Portici, and I believe that I care a lot for my city. I have many friends with whom I like going to bars, pizzerias and pubs . Also, for ages, I’ve taken part in a cultural association and I am the treasurer. Through this association we organize many events such as parties, book promotions, music concerts ecc… the most important event is the lyric concert that takes place in the Main Church, on the night of New Years eve.I love Portici but I would like it to be a better place to live with less pollution, less traffic and less crime. I would like more green spaces for all, more sport structures and more cycle paths. I prefergoing out by bike to driving a car. In fact if more people would use bikes, traffic wouldn’t be a problem. With my association and other associations in Porticiwe will change our city because we are all fond of our city. In the future, even if I will relocate to another place, my home town will always be Portici.

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