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It was so embarrassing!

Coffee break!
I really fancied this girl. One day I saw her in the local café and I invited her to have a coffee with me. But as I sat down, I split the coffee all over my chair. I didn’t tell her because I was too embarrased. So I sat down in it. We chatted, but all I could think about was the coffee in my pants! Then she had to go. But I couldn’t get up with her. So I just sat there as she left the café! It was so awful!

Coco the clown:
A few weeks ago, my older sister, Alex, invited some friends round to watch a DVD. Well, she has this gorgeous friend called Oliver, and I wanted to impress him. So I put on my best jeans and top and lots of make-up. But I didn’t realise that my blue eye make-up was all over my face. I looked like coco the clown I made such a fool of myself.

Strawberry blushes
I want to tell you about the most embarrassing thing that ever happened. It was when I was about thirteen years old. I bought some strawberry bubble bath in a glass bottle. Then I met a friend and, as we chatted, the bottle hit against the door. It broke and the bubble bath went all over the floor. It was terrible! The shop assistant was really angry with me.

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