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The National Museum of Ireland

On Thursday afternoon we went to the National Museum of Ireland and followed a guided tour through the different exhibitions.
The National Museum of Ireland was officially opened in 1890. The building is Victorian with an Irish marble colonnaded entrance and an entrance hall which about twenty metres high. The interior design recalls several motifs of the Greek and Roman civilizations. The ground floor holds the Ór- Ireland’s Gold (the Treasury) exhibition, the Road of Independence and the Prehistoric Ireland display. The first floor houses Viking artifacts with displays of silver tools, glass and ceramics, documenting the Viking Age in Ireland which goes from the first Viking raid in 795 AD to about 1170 AD.
We mostly visited the Prehistoric Ireland exhibition which displays archeological assets from the Stone and Bronze Ages and shows how life was like at the time of the earliest Irish inhabitants. Full sized displays illustrate daily life activities such as religious beliefs, food gathering and burial traditions. Many gold artifacts, bronze weapons and domestic tools are exhibited showing the skill of the metal workers of the Bronze Age.
I really enjoyed the visit to the National Museum even though I think the guide lingered to long on some displays rather than others.
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